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Development of product containing microbial lysates

Our current projects:

The development of products containing microbial lysates, particularly in the field of dietary supplements and cosmetics. We provide complete development of products and their registration.

Microbial lysates represent a new trend in keeping immunity up

Active keeping immunity strong is one the basic trends to support healthy way of live of every person. There is quite a wide offer of products supporting immunity and it is up to us which we choose. Microbial lysates exploit targeted support of immunity by means of particles of bacteria that are able to stimulate both specific and non-specific immune response. Thus they bring a unique solution to supporting immunity.

What are microbial lysates?

Microbial lysates may be an unknown term for some customers. We can imagine microbial lysates as harmless and refined particles isolated from broken bacterial cells. Due to their structure and gentle processing, these particles are able to act effectively on our immune system and to stimulate it specifically. In this case we speak about so-called immunomodulation.

How do microbial lysate work?

The aim of microbial lysates is to induce physiological balance of defence functions in human body. Several researches have proved that some molecules contained in cell walls of microorganisms effectively stimulate specific and particularly non-specific immune response. Preparations containing microbial lysates are a useful supplement to support immune system in a natural way that exploits basic innate defence mechanisms.


Why should we use microbial lysate?

Microbial lysates are completely natural and biological immunomodulators. A human body is constantly exposed to bacteria of the environment. Supplying lysates to our body we can reinforce its immune response targeted on specific health ailments (urethrocystitis, respiratory tract infections and others). The lysates can forestall or reduce the mentioned troubles.