Research and development


Development and production of women intimate hygiene containing probiotics

Ladies sanitary pads with stabilized probiotics are the result of our research and evolvement that we realized in cooperation with company FIDE in several years.

We bring a revolution in women´s intimate hygiene

A lot of women all over the world suffer from various vaginal ailments that cause them discharge, discomfort and uneasiness in their common life. Up to date scientific knowledge of PHARMACEUTICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY company in cooperation with FIDE company has raised women’s intimate hygiene to a new, active level. On the basis of our many years´ research we are introducing a revolutionary product of women’s intimate hygiene to the market – sanitary pads INTIMEA which contain live friendly Lactobacillus cultures.

Why the combination of women’s pad and Lactobacilli?

Human organism and lactobacilli have always related to each other. Lactobacilli not only form an important part of intestinal microflora, but they are also an essential component of vaginal mucosa. They are essential producers of antimicrobial substances and of acidic pH environment in vaginal mucosa. And it is principally the acidic pH that protects this sensitive mucosa against infections caused by other bacteria and yeasts. If this delicate balance is upset for any reason (such as antibiotic treatment, wearing skin-tight dress, swimming in pools, but also stress, etc.), an inflammation can occur. Women’s pads INTIMEA are one of effective aids, which are able to supply healthy lactobacilli into afflicted mucosea.

Who are INTIMEA pads for?

INTIMEA pads are suitable for regular use for healthy women who want to pay attention to their intimate hygiene, and also for women who suffer from occasional or recurrent vaginitis caused by bacteria or yeasts.

Why is this pad suitable for women who suffer from inflammations?

INTIMEA pads supply into vaginal environment natural bacteria that are missing because of the inflammation.

Why is it suitable also for healthy women?

These pads are convenient also for regular use for all healthy women who want to take an active role in their intimate hygiene and who know the benefits that probiotics bring to their body. There is not a more comfortable approach how to supply a lot of friendly bacteria than using sanitary pad, which is in close contact with private parts. Thus lactobacilli colonize vaginal mucosa in a completely natural way. INTIMEA pads serve as a prevention for healthy women because they reduce the risk of inflammations. The period of menstruation or a period of various stresses generally raise the risk of inflammations.

Elimination of unpleasant odour

Many women are worried about unpleasant smell that can occur when they use sanitary pads or during an inflammation. Unpleasant aromatic substances arise out of blood and discharge decay, which is caused by undesirable bacteria. Friendly probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria reduce the growth of dangerous bacteria and this way they eliminate uncomfortable disintegrative processes. Last surveys refer also to use of probiotic in elimination of sweating odour. INTIMEA pads supply friendly bacteria to those parts of our body that incline most to uncomfortable odour. Probiotic defeat bacteria that produce smell and they also prevent them from overgrowing.

How often should you use our pads?

Probiotic INTIMEA pads are designated for regular use by healthy women who want to take care of their intimate hygiene actively and also for women who suffer from various vaginal infections. Considering their good price, you can use them instead of classic sanitary pads, which have the only benefit of catching menstrual blood or discharge. We recommend INTIMEA pads as a suitable supplement leading to eliminate vaginitis, uncomfortable itch, tingle or discharge.

How often should you use our pads?

- afflicts more than 75% of women?
- repeatedly bothers half of above-mentioned number of women?
- is usually caused by yeasts of Candida and Gardnerella species?
- can be successfully eliminated by using Lactobacillus cultures that bring balance into vaginal environment
- is characterized by change of vaginal pH and that probiotics are able to set the right physiological pH balance?

Developed in cooperation with biotechnological company Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.