Research and development


Production of new generation of biofilm probiotics – revolution in probiotic preparations

Probiotics of 4th generation

The development of the new generation of probiotic cultures, so-called BIOFILM PROBIOTICS, is a result of our many years´ research in the field of probiotics. Our newly developed product brings an absolute revolution to the market with probiotic preparations.

Summarizing briefly the history of probiotics, we can talk about 3 generations:

1st generation – probiotics whose bacterial cells are not processed
2nd generation – enteric-coated probiotics, protected against acidic pH of the stomach
3rd generation – encapsuled probiotics with elevated stability

The probiotics of 1st –3rd generations occur as solitary cells. However, if we study intestinal mucosa, we find bacteria exclusively in the form of a biofilm, whose role is principal in protecting our organism. The probiotics of 4th generation bring pure bacterial culture in the form of a biofilm, whose presence is indispensable for adhering of bacteria on intestinal epithelium.

The biofilm is acquired by patent-protected technology of bacteria cultivation on appropriate carrier.

Features of probiotics of 4th generation:
-  their structure is very close to real state in which they occur on intestinal mucosa
-  their genes are prepared to adhere quickly on intestinal epithelium
-  they are stable
-  they are more resistant to acidic pH of stomach