Ultra-thin pads with probiotics and lactic acid

Microbial lysates represent a new trend in keeping immunity up

Ladies ultra-thin pads INTIMEA with probiotics and lactic acid are the result of our research and evolvement in the field of probiotics that we realized in cooperation with company FIDE, Ltd. in several years.

INTIMEA pads contain probiotics that naturally dominate microbial environment in a healthy vagina. These friendly bacteria prevent other microbes from growing by producing antimicrobial substances and lactic acid. Lactic acid maintains slightly acidic environment of the vagina, which prevents pathogenic bacteria and yeasts from overgrowing and causing vaginitis, especially mycosis. INTIMEA pads with probiotics and lactic acid are an important hygienic aid in solving problems of vaginitis. In case the inflammation has already appeared, we can supply friendly probiotics into vagina in a natural and painless way.

Who are these ultra-thin pads for?

  • for healthy women as a suitable form of stabilization of vaginal environment
  • for healthy women as a modern part of intimate hygiene during menstruation
  • for generally healthy women undergoing antibiotic treatment
  • for women who suffer from occasional vaginitis
  • for women who suffer from recurrent vaginitis
  • for women who have problems with sore or red private parts
  • for women with slight incontinence
  • for elimination of smell caused by yeasts and pathogenic bacteria

INTIMEA pads with probiotics and lactic acid are revolutionary news on the world market.

They are designated for regular use. They are vendible only in pharmacies for a very good price.

Our pads are convenient for all healthy women who want to take care of their intimate hygiene actively and who know the benefits that probiotics bring to their body. Hygienic pad is in a close contact with private parts. Its use is the most comfortable way how to supply needed friendly bacteria to vaginal mucosa. Lactic acid contained in the pad helps to maintain acidic vaginal environment, which prevents pathogenic bacteria and yeasts from growing and thus it eliminates the most frequent cause of vaginitis.

Why are INTIMEA pads suitable for women who suffer from inflammations?

INTIMEA pads with probiotics supply to vaginal environment natural bacteria which are missing due to the inflammation. A healthy vagina is dominantly populated by protective acid bacteria that prevent other microorganisms form growing. During inflammatory diseases the friendly microflora is replaced by harmful and pathogenic bacteria. They affect acidity of vaginal environment and cause unpleasant inflammation with itch, tingle and vaginal discharge. Supplying friendly probiotics to vaginal mucosa helps to restore natural vaginal balance, which is indispensable for the health of intimate parts. Lactic acid added to INTIMEA pad maintains slightly acidic environment. Thus it prevents pathogenic bacteria and yeasts from growing and causing vaginitis. Vaginitis is one the most frequent gynaecological ailment. According to statistics 75 women out of 100 has a vaginal infection at least once in their lifetime.


Most frequent causes of vaginal inflammation are:

  • unbalanced vaginal environment after antibiotic treatment
  • unprotected sexual intercourse with a new partner
  • infections from common pools or natural swimming pools
  • hormone imbalance during pregnancy, using of contraception
  • fatigue, lack of sleep or bad regime
  • stress
  • exposure to cold (e.g. if you keep wet swimsuit)
  • unsuitable clothes that impedes ventilation of private parts

Current antibiotic treatment is the most common cause of inflammation also for women who do not usually suffer from inflammation. Antibiotics kill not only pathogenic bacteria in our body, but also the friendly ones. Thus they upset natural bacterial balance in gastrointestinal tract and on vaginal mucosa. When the natural balance is upset, bacteria and yeasts overgrow and cause a vaginal inflammation.

Probiotics contained in INTIMEA pads help to balance the lack of friendly bacteria and they contribute to a faster recovery of vaginal environment. Lactic acid maintains acidic environment in vagina, which prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing.


Why are INTIMEA pads convenient for women who have problems with sore or red private parts?

INTIMEA pads contain lactic acid that contributes to calm down intimate parts.


Why are INTIMEA pads convenient for women with slight incontinence?

INTIMEA pads have excellent absorbency and due to probiotics and lactic acid they reduce the risk of sores and local redness.