Antibodies for cosmetics

Revolution in cosmetics

To producers of cosmetics we offer especially production of specific IgY antibodies for ointments and creams. The antibodies can be specified against various bacteria according to our client’s demand. Antibodies in cosmetics act as an inhibitor of bacteria that cause inflammation and infection of skin. Please contact us if you are interested.



IgY antibodies can be used in several biotechnological areas:

  • pharmaceutics in the broad sense that contain not only immunological applications such as therapeutic and prophylactic ones, but also in other areas including preparation of medicines, cosmetics and others.

  • food industry specialized in functional food preparation. Its features coincide in many aspects with the previous area. Nevertheless, there is also a purely food production area where IgY antibodies can be used.
    It is preparation of safe egg products and products containing eggs that risk salmonella or campylobacter infections. It is also possible to add raw egg material containing IgY antibodies to other food that risk alimentary infections (salmonellosis, campylobateriosis, listeriosis and others), or intoxications (enterotoxin and others).

  • diagnostics, videlicet its part that works with specific antibodies. Wherever specific mammalian polyclonal antibodies are used for diagnosis, IgY antibodies can be used better. There are several reasons for their use: non-invasiveness of the procedure, better economy, significantly higher production, forementioned advantages (inactivation of mammalian complement, no connection to rheumatoid factor and mammalian antibodies ecc.). In some cases, when there are mammalian protein antibodies, phylogenetic distance allows to prepare antibodies also against molecules that immune system of mammals do not consider foreign.

  • a specific area of diagnostics where IgY antibodies could be used is detection of small amounts of antigens, whether infectious or others. Their immunoaffinity specific sorption by IgY antibodies bouned
    to solid carriers or columns would permit their detection also in amount below common detection limit.

We target the use of IgY antibodies in pharmaceutics, cosmetics and food industry in the following applications:

  • preparation designated to skin unction or for poorly healing skin sores

  • auxiliary dental products for caries prophylaxis and for prevention and treatment of stomatitis and periodontosis

  • applications on external mucosae, especially against infectious inflammations of oral, nasal, vaginal and rectal cavity. The use for animals involves prevention and treatment of mastitis and the inflammation of uterus of cattle.

  • infections of human and animal gastrointestinal tract. There is the widest range of indications where IgY can be used. Besides idiopathic viral and bacterial infections of infants and young cattle, IgY antibodies can be used for prevention and treatment of alimentary infections, for treatment of dysmicrobia including indigestion as a result of post-antibiotic effect after an overgrowth of pathogenic microflora. In this range of applications we can count also prevention and treatment of bacterial gastritides caused by Helicobacter pylori, some parasitic or protozoan infections, of which we must mention especially cryptosporidium infections.
  • infectious diseases of respiratory mucosa where antibodies are applied as a spray or by gargling if they should be effective in upper respiratory tract.

  • systemic impact in the form of injectable passive antibodies that can be administered in the same cases as polyclonal heterologous antibodies are. Especially there are antisera against toxins whether they are bacterial (tetanus, verotoxin and others) or animal toxins (snake or insect venoms and others). Compared to so far used animal sera, the use of IgY antibodies would have many advantages. In consideration of difficulties with marketing of such products, their preparation is not recommended yet.

Completed research project of our firm in cooperation with Favea company concerns external application of IgY antibodies on skin infections or for treatment of poorly healing skin sores.

This use of IgY antibodies lies between prevention and treatment application on one hand and cosmetic approach on the other hand. In both cases we try to stop or forestall pathogenic microorganism infection. The most frequent causative organisms of skin infection are staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus and Staph. epidermidis) and Propionibacterium acnes. We have successfully completed the project of preventive use of IgY antibodies against these microorganisms.