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About us

We are a young company with dynamic growth and we aim at advancement and implementation of new biotechnological projects with high market potential. Our effort is searching for new ideas and bringing them to life. Our activities contain research, development and production of biotechnological products focused on food, pharmaceutical, sanitary, cosmetic and ecological applications.

We are open for cooperation with both Czech and foreign partners. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

What we offer and can do for you:

  • Development and production of women intimate hygiene with probiotics
  • Development and production of a completely new generation of biofilm probiotics
  • Development and production of stabilized probiotic cultures
  • Development and production of cosmetics containing antibodies
  • Development and production of products containing microbial lysates
  • Development of systems for selective decontamination
  • Distribution of iontophoreses, sanitary aids for treatment of hyperhidrosis